Debra Mead

Profile Updated: March 18, 2016
Residing In: Gaithersburg,, MD USA
Spouse/Partner: None!
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Children: None!

Still living in the hood and selling/renting dirt!! Luv what I do and do what I luv!

During the winter months - I love warm weather and the beach. I travel whenever I can. Bought a waterfront condo in Delray Beach in 2013 and spend Dec. and January there! In March I always go to Aspen for a couple of weeks to ski and meet "old" friends - Then back to work for Spring market - if we have one this year! Otherwise, I live groundhog day and love it.

Been dating Dr. Fred now for 15 years and always happy to see him, and happy when he goes home - It's a perfect relationship! He hunts in Africa, I go to the Carribean. He goes to Canada for elk - I go to Aspen and play!

Looking forward to reading everyones profiles and updates.

School Story:

I have a lot, but 2-3 really good ones --the field party that i gave and once the word got out, there were hundreds of people! My father became a parking attendent and when he asked people if they knew who was giving the party - and they didn't know my name - he sent them away. they parked up the street and came anyway - it was 10th grade and Churchill had just opened and half the kids that rode my bus were transferred to Potomac - what a party!! It took me two days to pick up all the beer cans in the hay field -- my parents were pi#$%!!!
The second story was rolling Corky Kyle's red opal cadet in the field across from my house!
A third is driving my 48 Crysler up to the White House with Halloween masks on - that was a good day! How about when I forgot what parking garage I parked the Chrysler in - took two days to find it! That was a $50 taxi home! Geesh, I can think of a million! Cathy Smith were are you - you were such a part of this!

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Debra Mead has a birthday today.
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Debra Mead has a birthday today.
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